3D underwater pipeline survey

In wintery conditions on Finland’s second largest lake, Lake Päijänne, VRT Finland Ltd surveyed altogether 10 km of underwater pipelines for Jyväskylä Energy Group. The energy company needed accurate maps of the location and condition of their underwater pipelines to plan for future investments.

The inspection took only four days and the end report was delivered on schedule. The survey result has been used to complement and support project work to ensure that solid project plans are built and unpleasant surprises are avoided.

The VRT method for pipeline inspection provides an accurate map of the pipeline network. Topographical challenges such as erosion or sharp stones can be detected. Misplaced or missing weights can also cause tension on the pipe.

Potential risks were reported and a plan can be made to increase the lifespan of the pipelines.

We look forward to continuing the collaboration with VRT and we are happy to recommend VRT’s services to our colleagues in other energy companies as well

Timo Laurinmäki, Project Manager Water supply network, Jyväskylä Energy Group

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