3D surveys of underwater assets have been the core business for VRT already for a decade. We have inspected hundreds of ports, bridges, hydropower plants and pipelines during those years. In the beginning we had a challenge to deliver the gathered 3D data to our clients, as very few of them had the software or skills to use the data. We printed out booklets of visualization pictures and sent them to our clients by post with the inspection report also on paper. Not a very high-tech approach!

How paper reports became outdated

One of VRT’s main values is to be innovative and to be pioneers in the industry, so we started to develop our online reporting system as soon as the web technology allowed the use of 3D in a web browser. Feedback from the clients encouraged us to develop also more features for the data utilization. The online platform GISGRO is now a versatile tool not only for delivering the data, but to everyone working with physical assets in planning, maintenance or everyday operations.

Online platform enables our clients to access the 3D data without any additional software installations, and GISGRO’s simple user interface allows many daily operations from volume calculations to CAD-drawing to be done easily. Compared to the old way with paper booklets, the value of the data we gather has increased enormously.

The benefits of online delivery

The obvious benefit for online delivery is that the client can see the data and possible damages explained in the report with their own eyes. Our inspectors are professionals in interpreting the 3D data, but the history of the structures is best known by the client. GISGRO’s tools allow also own analysis of the data, so planning of the maintenance operations is straightforward.

When the 3D data with all the added information is available online, you can work with the data wherever your office is. Remote working and communication between all the stakeholders are easier. You don’t need to bounce the information from here to there to get project going.

The benefits of online 3D data are evident, so remember to find out the delivery methods when ordering a 3D survey. To discuss our services with more detail, contact our sales team by leaving a message below.

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