Why to choose the company offering the whole 3D survey service chain? You can read dozens of client stories from our website, but in this article, we’ll summarize few of the benefits of 3D surveys by VRT.

1 You have never seen 3D data with this much detail

VRT is the pioneer of underwater structural surveys and our survey process is developed with ten years of expertise. The quality of data is fundamental to our service, starting from the planning of the survey project.

We have the latest equipment for 3D surveys, from positioning to post-processing. In addition to an experienced field team, we also have data processing specialists to fine-tune the survey data. Post processing and point cloud cleaning are done and checked by a specialist, not just by automatic processing software. This ensures the data is clear enough to be used as a base of enlightened maintenance decisions (not just good guessing).

2 You’ll get a professional interpretation of the survey results

Sometimes a survey result may be just a point cloud file sent to you via Dropbox with a short report describing the used equipment and calibration methods. But what would you do with it?

VRT’s survey delivery includes online platform GISGRO, where you actually can see the result in 3D. And even more; we have a team of engineers inspecting the assets and evaluating the criticality of possible damages. Visualised point cloud, detailed report by a certified inspector, and a possibility to utilise the 3D data by yourself -what else would you need for maintenance planning? We provide all this under the same roof, for the same price.

3 You have an easier path to digitalisation

We have helped many of our clients in their quest for digitalising the assets. 3D surveys with sonar, laser and drone are the first step, but we also provide our expertise for digitising other existing asset information. And we have a platform for you to manage all this digital information in one, easily accessible place.

GISGRO online platform is a tool for smart asset management. It enables the easy utilisation of the 3D data, and that serves also our vision -we want to see the 3D data in action, not just lying around in folders.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Next time you plan a survey project, make sure you get the most of it! Contact our team to discuss more.

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