Structural inspections always require exact acts and understanding of structures. And when it’s about underwater structures, the process of structural inspections goes to another level. 

The challenge owners and managers of underwater structures face is to create an accurate and broad view of underwater structures. Knowing the conditions of underwater structures aids accurate repair planning, which leads to cost-efficient and extended life cycle of structures. 

Even when there’s a possibility to reach to underwater structures and collect data, the data needs professional analysis, so that the actual understanding is achieved.
This way the obstacles of accurate repair planning are conquered.

Here are three tips from VRT’s licensed inspector of marine structures for an accurate analysis of underwater structures:  

1. The history of structures

– When knowing the background and history of underwater structures (e.g. collisions) beforehand, the inspections can be focused on a specific area. This way it’s possible to offer more precisely tailored analysis for the needs. Planned survey and inspection in cooperation with the client leads to better results.

2. Understanding structures and structural damage 

– When there’s profound knowledge and understanding about the structure materials, it facilitates the observation of the possible damage. Professionals from construction industry and licensed inspectors are able to make the accurate observations of structural damage and analyse the results in a way that benefit the life cycle of underwater structures.
3. Knowing the context of underwater structures
– Knowing how the structures are constructed in different countries aids to understand and analyse the data. When analysing, it also needs to be taken into account if the structures are located in fresh or salty waters, in downtown city or outside harbours.

VRT performs multibeam sonar inspections to collect data, which is then post-processed by our professionals and then again analysed by licensed inspectors. With VRT’s licensed inspectors’ profound understanding of structures, structural damage and the process of construction the quality data is analyzed. Our method provides a broad and precise view of the underwater structures. 

Get to know our licensed inspector of marine structures here.

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