Digitising Port of Pietarsaari

We introduced the co-operation with Port of Pietarsaari already in 2018 in our case study, which you can read here. After gathering the underwater data and inspecting the condition of quay structures, we continued the journey by digitising the rest of the port’s area with photogrammetry surveys and finally adding other asset data to the digital twin of the port. Continue reading…

VRT 10 years

A Finnish high-tech company VRT Finland Ltd has been discovering the secrets of invisible underwater world already for ten years

Continue reading…

See with your own eyes what lies beneath water

If you are an infrastructure manager, you certainly want to be aware of the condition of the structures. When the building is on land, it is quite easy to verify the condition visually and use the information for planning the needed maintenance operations. Under water it is almost as easy when using VRT’s multibeam sonar survey service. Continue reading…

What VRT offers to water utilities?

Every water utility has the same challenges; how to ensure the quality of the water, minimize the losses from the pipeline network and reduce the environmental impacts of water supply. Continue reading…

What VRT offers for ports?

We have worked with dozens of European ports and harbours in the last decade and have developed our survey and data management services to suit the port industry’s needs. In this article we will present our services for ports so you will have an idea on the topics we can help with. Continue reading…

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