Baltic Ports Conference 2018 was held in Szczecin, Poland on 5-6 September. The conference addressed various topics around economics in Europe and Baltic region and how economical trends affect maritime industry’s development. On the other way around port sector’s role in developing local economies by e.g. enabling efficient transportation was important viewpoint in the agenda.

Again this year VRT attended the conference and our delegates got to meet numerous current customers and new friends. It is always important to keep in touch with colleagues in our field to hear what’s going on in the industry. In the evolving economical and political athmosphere the ports need to constantly keep at the edge of the technology and ensure efficient operations for their customers. Challenges and opportunities of digitalisation were discussed in VRT’s speech ”Port infrastructure maintenance and digitalisation as a competitive advantage” which was held by Ville Mäkeläinen, 3D Asset Management Specialist from VRT. VRT has customers in all phases of digitalisation; from the first 3D inspections to integrating 3D data into the big picture of infrastructure maintenance. Our understanding of the everyday challenges of the ports motivates us to develop new and innovative ways to make the life easier and business prosperous for port operators and managers.

”The keynote speeches and discussions offered interesting knowledge about the topics which ports in Europe and Baltics currently face. We love to use our knowledge of the whole 3D chain from data collection to smart use of 3D data to enhance our clients’ competitive advantage”

Karri Koistinen, 3D Asset Management Specialist, VRT



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