Digitise your assets to digitalise your business

The words digitising and digitalising are sometimes used as synonyms, which they are not. Digitising is converting data from analog to digital format. Digitalising, on the other hand, is using the digital data in your everyday business. Digital transformation is finally the stage where everything is done with a new, digital way, so that term refers more to people and behaviour than to assets and operations. Continue reading…

How to use georeferenced 3D data in asset management

VRT’s 3D surveys produce georeferenced data of the surveyed assets or areas. Every single point of the point cloud has its XYZ coordinates in a defined coordinate system. The combination of RTK (Real Time Kinematics) and PPK (Post-Processing Kinematics) ensures that the data is accurate enough to be used in various asset management operations. Continue reading…

From paper booklets to 3D online reporting

3D surveys of underwater assets have been the core business for VRT already for a decade. We have inspected hundreds of ports, bridges, hydropower plants and pipelines during those years. In the beginning we had a challenge to deliver the gathered 3D data to our clients, as very few of them had the software or skills to use the data. We printed out booklets of visualization pictures and sent them to our clients by post with the inspection report also on paper. Not a very high-tech approach! Continue reading…

What to consider when choosing a surveyor?

When you need to have data from underwater structures, most often the situation is that you need someone to a) gather, b) process, c) analyse and d) utilise the data. You can search for a different service provider for each phase or order the whole survey process as a service. Continue reading…

Update the information about underwater pipelines

The discussion about condition of freshwater and wastewater pipelines has been in Finnish news lately. In Finland, many of the pipelines date back to the 1960’s, some being even hundred years old, and similar numbers are also reported in other Nordic countries. It is easy to predict that the need for repairs is going to accelerate in the coming years. How can we prioritise the coming work? Continue reading…

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