The long life of point cloud data

We have discussed about the process of starting an underwater survey project and described its many phases in our previous blog articles. Every phase of the project is as important, but the real value of point cloud data is in its usefulness in the task it is meant to fulfil. Continue reading…

Certified management systems underline responsibility in VRT’s operations

In 2018, VRT’s management systems were certified according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. The certification process includes external audits annually, and after three years there was time for the renewal of all three certificates. Continue reading…

The three common questions about digitalisation in ports

1 What is relevant information?

The amount of information you have on your port’s assets or operations is almost unlimited. There are drawings of buildings and quays, technical information of equipment or lists of previous maintenance operations. Everything can’t or at least shouldn’t be digitised -the first step is to prioritise the asset data. Outdated drawings might not be the ones to be saved but do an as-built scanning instead and save the data of the actual structure. Continue reading…

3D surveys with full services

Why to choose the company offering the whole 3D survey service chain? You can read dozens of client stories from our website, but in this article, we’ll summarize few of the benefits of 3D surveys by VRT. Continue reading…

Sharing knowledge of underwater inspections in hydropower industry

VRT has worked for a decade with companies and public authorities managing underwater structures. One example of the tight co-operation is our input to journals or guidebooks . This month a renowed German journal for hydropower industry, Wasserwirtschaft (edition 9/2020) published an article of one of our projects in Germany. Continue reading…

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