Port of Moerdijk on the cutting edge of digitalisation

Port of Moerdijk is a port with versatile opportunities for all kinds of transport. Located in the crossing point of road, rail, pipeline, and marine transportation the port offers easy logistics to a variety of businesses. Established in the sixties, Port of Moerdijk has been working rigorously for sustainable logistics and process industry.
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Types of observations in underwater structural inspections

Long experience in underwater structural inspections

VRT Finland Ltd has performed complex underwater structural inspections since 2010. We were the first to use sonar scanner for vertical structures; previously the sonar scanners were only been used for hydrographic surveys. As the technology developed, we moved from static sonar to mobile multibeam sonar surveys, which made the service suitable for a quick inspection of wide areas.

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What are the main ingredients for top quality survey data?

Advanced measurement equipment is nowadays easily available and affordable to companies performing underwater inspections or airborne measurements. Data acquisition from under and above water is becoming more common and 3D data more voluminous as companies, cities, and third sector organizations are eager to have their assets digitalized. This also means increase in the amount of data acquisition related service providers in the field, which may lead to increased variability in quality of the data. In this article we discuss the ingredients of top quality survey data. Continue reading…

Enrich your 3D asset information with ROV

So you bought a ROV? What to do with it?

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Make CAD drawings online easily from 3D survey data

Have you ever tried to find drawings or plans from a 50-year-old quay, hydropower plant or underwater pipeline? Have you spent hours in the archive room and still had to plan the repairs without decent scale drawings or try to see the picture behind old coffee stains? Are you familiar with the sigh of a designer when the original elevations are gone and he needs to start from scratch planning the extension? Get to know the new online tool for CAD drawings!

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