What to consider when buying a 3D survey?

Surveys are always different. That can be pointed out from the experience of 10 years and hundreds of surveys. Our long experience has taught us the best practices for all kinds of 3D surveys, and we want to use that knowledge to serve our clients perfectly. Continue reading…

Underwater inspections of bridges before and after VRT

Muddy waters, strong currents and restricted visibility are everyday challenges in underwater inspections of bridges. The founders of VRT, civil engineers Olli Auer and Kirsi Hänninen, started their careers with bridge inspections, repair and new bridge planning 15 years ago. Continue reading…

Underwater inspections reveal unknown conditions of pipelines

Densely populated areas are often near water and the municipal infrastructure, like fresh water and waste water pipes, needs to be led through sea, lake or river. Installing pipelines under water contains many challenges from planning to maintenance, as the conditions under water are not visible. Often the information about old pipeline is only blueprint in the archive and maybe some diver report about suspected leakage. Continue reading…

3 Ways to Use 3D Data in the Mining Industry

Mining is a significant industry all over the world, and it is also quite a traditional one. Digitalization is nevertheless becoming an emerging trend also in the mining industry. In this blog article we discuss on few reasons how the utilization of 3D data can bring mining companies clear advantages in safety, communication, and efficiency.
Continue reading…

Why should we inspect our underwater structures?

“Out of sight, out of mind”

It is easy to forget something that is out of sight, even though it is a very essential part of your everyday work. That certainly goes for underwater assets. They often face the heaviest wear due to the environmental stress and traffic but at the same time the signs keep hidden under murky waters. Checking the condition of underwater assets also seems laborious and pricy as it is formerly done by divers.

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