The art of point cloud processing

It is often thought that a survey project ends when the vessel leaves the site. But in fact, this is just a start of the data’s journey. The raw data gathered from the field still needs a lot of attention to be utilizable in asset management. Continue reading…

Passion for accurate 3D data below and above waterline

VRT’s story started under water, but we quickly expanded the surveys to cover also structures above the waterline. This serves our clients’ need for a comprehensive picture of the assets instead of having one part of information here and one there. It also enhances digitalization as the combined 3D model can be used as a digital twin for asset management purposes. In the second part of “3D Survey as a Service” blog series you get a glimpse of our field crew’s everyday work. Continue reading…

What to consider when buying a 3D survey?

Surveys are always different. That can be pointed out from the experience of 10 years and hundreds of surveys. Our long experience has taught us the best practices for all kinds of 3D surveys, and we want to use that knowledge to serve our clients perfectly. Continue reading…

Underwater inspections of bridges before and after VRT

Muddy waters, strong currents and restricted visibility are everyday challenges in underwater inspections of bridges. The founders of VRT, civil engineers Olli Auer and Kirsi Hänninen, started their careers with bridge inspections, repair and new bridge planning 15 years ago. Continue reading…

Underwater inspections reveal unknown conditions of pipelines

Densely populated areas are often near water and the municipal infrastructure, like fresh water and waste water pipes, needs to be led through sea, lake or river. Installing pipelines under water contains many challenges from planning to maintenance, as the conditions under water are not visible. Often the information about old pipeline is only blueprint in the archive and maybe some diver report about suspected leakage. Continue reading…

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