Enrich your 3D asset information with ROV

So you bought a ROV? What to do with it?

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Make CAD drawings online easily from 3D survey data

Have you ever tried to find drawings or plans from a 50-year-old quay, hydropower plant or underwater pipeline? Have you spent hours in the archive room and still had to plan the repairs without decent scale drawings or try to see the picture behind old coffee stains? Are you familiar with the sigh of a designer when the original elevations are gone and he needs to start from scratch planning the extension? Get to know the new online tool for CAD drawings!

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Hur minskar man risker i dykinspektioner?

Undervattenskonstruktioner är inte synliga och borde därför inspekteras regelbundet för att föräkra sig om säker och effektiv användning. Detta görs ofta genom dykning. Dykning är alltid riskabelt, särskilt om man inte vet vad som ligger under ytan. Minimera riskerna genom att minska behovet av att dyka, och genom vetskap om när det är absolut nödvändigt att skicka ner dykare för inspektioner eller reparationer.

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How to reduce the risks of diving inspections?

Underwater structures aren’t visible to us in day to day life, so they must be inspected regularly to ensure safety and proper function. Often it means diving. Diving is always risky, especially if you do not know what lies beneath the surface. Minimise the risks (and costs) by reducing the need for diving and by being better informed, when you must send a diver to inspect or repair.

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Quick Guide: BIM in Asset Management

Welcome to the fourth part in our Quick Guide series! Have you ever wondered, how owners and managers of infrastructure assets can benefit from BIM? This time we’ll cover how BIM tools can help in asset management.

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