In 2016 and 2017 VRT performed inspections in one of the busiest ports in the UK, Port of Dover. This port is handling 17% of the UK’s trade in goods, in addition to around 5 million vehicles and 13 million passengers each year. As a part of their asset management program and commitment to maximize the operational life of the assets, the port employed VRT to survey quay wall infrastructure and seabed topography. VRT’s inspections were aiding to locate the need for detailed inspections of these assets. Surveys were divided into parts in order to get first-rate data.

– The Port of Dover has been a very interesting case because it is such a busy port with a lot of traffic. We’ve been making sure we don’t interrupt any of the port operations, says Mikael Sundqvist, one of VRT’s survey engineers.

With Port of Dover, communication was the key thing in order to know in which areas the inspections can be made and when.

– Even though it is such a busy port, with the client’s help we knew exactly what to do and when. In such a big port like this, it’s vital to be structured and organized, and the communication with the client helped our work at the field a lot, Mikael tells.

The surveys at Port of Dover were also affected by the tide which can be looked at both assisting and challenging factor. Our professional surveyor team knows that at an area with strong tide, it is required to be especially organised with the surveys. On the other hand, the tide helped the post-processing team to create more accurate visualisations because of overlapping data set of under and above water structures.

– Of course, the first-rate data of the surveys isn’t created only because of us inspectors. A lot of credit also goes to the professional post-processing team of VRT, Mikael says.

It goes without saying, that in addition to the competent licensed inspectors, the post-processing team is also a crucial link of VRT’s service chain. In our upcoming articles, you get the chance to have a sneak peek of our post-processing team and their work at VRT.


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