When you need to have data from underwater structures, most often the situation is that you need someone to a) gather, b) process, c) analyse and d) utilise the data. You can search for a different service provider for each phase or order the whole survey process as a service.

Data gathering and processing

Firstly, consider your own resources: are you able to process the data and do you have the software to do it? Point clouds from sonar or laser scanners require post-processing and cleaning before they are usable. Many surveyor companies have the post-processing included in the service; some may deliver only the raw data. Ask for references and compare the quality of the data!vrt inspection report

Data analysis

Second step in the service chain is to analyse the data. What kind of analysis (if any) will you get from the service provider? Are you able to do the analysis by yourself? The level of reporting differs quite a lot as some surveyors provide few pictures added to the fieldwork report, as others go through the whole dataset and add their observations to the report. Check an example report so that you know what you get.

Data utilisation

Lastly, when you invest in structural or bathymetric survey, how are you planning to utilise the results? To get the best ROI to your investment, make sure that you can use the results in diverse ways in condition analysis, budget planning and communication. Often this requires clear visualisation of the data with tools to analyse and share the information. See how the delivery is done and find out what software do you need to utilise the data.

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