VRT uses different remote sensing technologies to achieve a seamless and comprehensive picture of the client’s assets. Every technology is designed to gather accurate, georeferenced 3D data in different environments.

Multibeam sonar

With a multibeam sonar scanner you can gather high-quality data even in the murkiest waters. This is especially beneficial in rivers or lakes with high amount of suspended sediment. Even though particles in the water scatter some of the sonar (sound) beams, the cleaned point cloud has the point density high enough to structural inspection. Compared to a visual inspection (diver’s view or a video) the data is much clearer.

Laser scanner

Above water a laser scanner produces the most precise data of a structure’s surface. The 3D data from a laser can contain also intensity data or even RGB-colours to make more realistic picture of the assets. Usually the laser scanner is attached to the survey vessel, and the scanning is done simultaneously with the sonar survey. Also, static laser scanning can be done for the land areas.


When scanning large areas, a drone has its advantages. You can cover up to 30 hectares per day and receive accurate point cloud data of even the whole harbour area. Thousands of photographs are used to create a point cloud of the area. The point cloud can then be enhanced with additional information about the assets.

Get the right professionals to do the work

Combining of the different data sets requires professionalism in both the surveying and post-processing phase. Calibration, positioning and knowledge of the possible error sources are essential in creating a seamless 3D model. VRT’s 3D survey service includes all the phases from planning the survey to post-processing and analysis, so we have our own professionals for all the tasks. This ensures that every corner of your asset gets noticed!

Read more about our 3D survey service from the previous blogs or contact our sales to discuss the technologies in more detail. Our sales team answers your questions in Finnish, English, Swedish and German!

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