ISO certified underwater inspection service

In May 2018, we were certified to the international standards of ISO 9001 of quality management, ISO 14001 of environmental management and, among the first companies to get certified according to the new standards, of ISO 45001 of occupational health and safety management. Internationally recognized standards ensure that our services meet global customer needs. Lesen Sie weiter…

Quick Guide: Underwater Inspection Process

Traditionally, underwater inspections can be thought as projects, which include an on-site inspection and the transfer of survey data to the customer through a tool selected by the surveyor. However, this means that the collected data still needs to be post-processed, analyzed and utilized – possibly all of these phases going through a different partner.

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Underwater survey with customer-friendliness: ABP South Wales

ABP South Wales consists of five ports which play an important role in the economy of UK handling more than 12 million tons of cargo every year. We performed inspections in three ports – Swansea, Cardiff and Newport – as a part of ABP South Wales’ asset management of port structures.

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Quick guide to Utilising 3D Data in Underwater Asset Management

 This blog post kicks off our new Quick Guide series, which will introduce you to different expert topics around underwater data acquisition and asset management. The first part of the Quick Guide explores the benefits of 3D surveys and inspections.

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VRT on tour

At the end of the year 2017, the VRT field team packed our survey vessel, their passports and toothbrushes setting out on a mission to help UK ports and terminals  in smarter asset management.  In the UK, our licensed team of experts was on the road for over one month, bringing VRT’s high-technology solutions to various ports around the country. VRT surveyed altogether 8 port and oil terminal structures including wharfs, locks and jetties.

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