CEO lost in the woods with the world’s top biathletes?

The upcoming weekend, about 15 000 orienteering enthusiasts gather together in the woods of Joensuu, located in the Eastern part of Finland. Jukolan viesti, Finland’s largest and most traditional orienteering relay race, has been organised ever since 1949 for both the top teams and the amateurs.

This year from VRT’s perspective, there’s something very exciting happening during the day-time orienteering relay race, Venlojen viesti. Our CEO, Kirsi Hänninen, is taking part of a team called Pummit Kadoksissa, which is a charity team, competing for the local orienteering club, Kalevan Rasti.

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Making the invisible visible since 2010

VRT Finland was founded 2010 by two civil engineers with a mission for visual clarity of built underwater structures by using more secure and the highest quality technology on all inspections. On our journey, we have won two startup competitions in Finland, attracting the interest of investors and the public. We are a growing company employing now over 20 people and counting.

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