At the end of the year 2017, the VRT field team packed our survey vessel, their passports and toothbrushes setting out on a mission to help UK ports and terminals  in smarter asset management.  In the UK, our licensed team of experts was on the road for over one month, bringing VRT’s high-technology solutions to various ports around the country. VRT surveyed altogether 8 port and oil terminal structures including wharfs, locks and jetties.

No wasted time equals no wasted costs

In addition to collecting detailed information about underwater assets, operational continuity and safety were the top priorities in VRT’s work for the ports in the UK. VRT’s field team performed the inspections efficiently without any hindrances to normal activities of the ports and terminals. Uninterrupted port operations were ensured in cooperation with the local marine and port control authorities, who took care of the traffic in the locations, making sure that loading and other activities were run smoothly and on time. With the excellent service provided in the ports, VRT’s team was able to make accurate and detailed plans for the surveys: our experts were informed well beforehand when ships are arriving, and which wharfs are used and when.

– The marine and port control authorities organized all activities in UK ports in a safe and efficient manner. We were kept up to date on the schedule, which allowed us to plan the inspections more accurately based on the traffic in the ports. We managed to avoid any valuable loss in time with the help of the information we received”, says Mikael Sundqvist, Survey Engineer at VRT Finland. 

Underwater inspections in the UK with VRT survey vessel

New year, new destinations

After making magic in the UK, VRT’s field team is heading towards new destinations helping business owners and decision makers to manage their assets around the world, below the surface.

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