We introduced the co-operation with Port of Pietarsaari already in 2018 in our case study, which you can read here. After gathering the underwater data and inspecting the condition of quay structures, we continued the journey by digitising the rest of the port’s area with photogrammetry surveys and finally adding other asset data to the digital twin of the port.

Often the first 3D data a port receives is sonar data from the seabed surveys. Traditionally the point clouds are sent to some engineering company for analysis and planning, but with VRT’s GISGRO platform Port of Pietarsaari got to utilise the 3D data by themselves. The visual view tells so much more than just a report!

When VRT’s survey fleet grew by a drone in 2019, we could offer the photogrammetry survey for the land areas of port. Drone surveys are a quick way for gathering 3D data from wide areas like ports and harbours. Storage areas, roads and buildings could now be seen in GISGRO, combined with the 3D data of the quays.

The next step was adding other asset information to the platform. Port of Pietarsaari had asset information in different files and folders, and the purpose was to get a centralised databank of the port’s assets. For example, gates, bollards and water posts with their exact location were uploaded to GISGRO.

layers and assets in GISGRO

Port of Pietarsaari received also a short training about how to use GISGRO. “The platform is easy to use, so we didn’t need a long introduction to be able to use GISGRO in our daily work”, says Johanna Heinoja, Technical Manager in Port of Pietarsaari. “Also, the survey work of VRT is very flexible, the survey engineers pay attention to port’s traffic and operations, and work very professionally”, Heinoja continues.

Digitising the port has made many of the tasks for port maintenance and operations easier. Planning of the new storage areas can now be done mostly in the office before going to the actual site, for example. The port plans to continue the development by adding more assets in GISGRO and utilising it also in communication between the port personnel and the subcontractors.


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