A decade of underwater surveys makes VRT a pioneer of 3D surveys. From the year 2016 we have offered our clients also an easy way to utilizing 3D data after our underwater surveys. The 3D asset management software GISGRO has received great feedback and helped many asset owners to use survey results in planning, budgeting and maintenance. The underwater is still only a part of the whole picture. That’s why we have now added to our portfolio also photogrammetry surveys with drone.

What do you get with photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry gives us an accurate, georeferenced aerial picture of the assets or area. Our professional surveyors fly a drone usually about 100 meters above the ground, measuring approximately 30 hectares per day. The highest accuracy is achieved using PPK (Post-processing kinematic). Thousands of taken pictures are post-processed in our office, creating a digital model tailored to your needs. In GISGRO the model can be combined with other 3D data, for example sonar or laser data and added with your own remarks or documents.

What are the benefits in using photogrammetry?

Drones are practical in measuring wide areas, for example harbour areas or mining fields. Long river banks can be checked for drift or collapses. You get an up-to-date situation map of your assets, which can be processed to serve your specific needs. Photogrammetry data is point clouds or can be modelled to objects, and you can do many kinds of analysis with GISGRO’s easy-to-use tools. From drone data we can separate roads, railways or buildings and add metadata to them (for example ownership, technical information or such) to use in everyday maintenance.

How to proceed?

Contact our specialist to discuss your survey needs in more detail. VRT offers surveys as a service – from planning the fieldwork to processing and analyzing the results. We keep you up-to-date with the progress and deliver visualized 3D data via online service GISGRO for your asset management. When details matter, choose VRT for your 3D surveys.

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