ABP South Wales consists of five ports which play an important role in the economy of UK handling more than 12 million tons of cargo every year. We performed inspections in three ports – Swansea, Cardiff and Newport – as a part of ABP South Wales’ asset management of port structures.

Tailored port inspections and interpreted survey data

Both the port structures and seabed topography were inspected in order to provide a combined view with laser and sonar. With every client, one of our goals is to make the process of underwater inspections as customer-friendly as possible with the help of  our professional teams of surveyors, inspectors and software development. This was also the key aspect with ABP South Wales, and we were carefully cooperating together with the customer during the whole project.

One of the benefits of the modern technology for such a busy port as ABP South Wales was that our multibeam sonar inspections do not cause interruptions to the ongoing harbour traffic. The role of communication is essential in this matter, and the non-interruptive survey method required the surveyor team to plan the project schedule together with ABP South Wales’ team on site.

After collecting data of the port structures and seabed, the data was post-processed and cleaned out of any distractions. Our licensed inspectors analysed the cleaned data and made observations about the port structures (get to know one of our licensed marine inspector here). The results were displayed in clear visualisations, and the ABP South Wales management was very happy with the data that was provided. In addition, a written report, which consisted of the observation explanations, was also delivered to ABP South Wales.


Post-processed detailed 3D data of SBP South Wales port structures


Modern data management online with Gisgro

The technology provided a new revolutionary way for ABP South Wales to wisely utilise the collected and analysed data sets. The easy-to-use Gisgro online-service offered ABP South Wales a way to store all the visualisations, 3D models and written reports – also improving ABP South Wales’ communication with the stakeholders.

ABP South Wales has been using divers as an inspection method before. The inspections and the features of Gisgro benefit the divers too: areas that are in need for further and more detailed investigations can now be easily spotted from Gisgro, where all survey data is stored to facilitate construction, repairs, maintenance and long-term monitoring.

One of the key values of Gisgro online-service is customer-friendliness: Gisgro works as a smart data bank and platform, allowing for example detailed analysis of data, comparisons of data sets to monitor structural changes over time and transferring the data to all necessary parties. ABP South Wales can now easily manage all inspection data and react swiftly to possible maintenance needs, while also long-term repair and maintenance planning is facilitated.

ABP South Wales logo

ABP South Wales covers a vast area of marine-related services and industries with its five ports – Barry, Cardiff, Newport, Port Talbot, and Swansea – handling more than 12 million tonnes of cargo every year. Read more about ABP South Wales here.


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