Case study: Aiding constructions with VRT’s inspections

VRT assists the owners and managers of underwater structures in all phases of the construction project from planning to project management and maintenance. Cooperating with Jyväskylä Energy Group before their new pipeline installations, VRT collects 3D data and assists Jyväskylä Energia Group to utilise it wisely in building and maintenance.

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Inspections in Action

Prior to the sonar, using divers performing underwater inspections was the most common way, but the founders of VRT found the urge for safer and faster measurement methods. VRT changed the focus from seabed to vertical structures and the measurement method VRT is using today is based on both multibeam sonars and patented inventions

We interviewed VRT’s survey engineer Mikael Sundqvist to share some of his ideas about VRT’s measurement process. Here’s what needs to be taken into consideration when our magicians are on the field making the invisible visible.

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Inspections in Action: Case Port of Dover

In 2016 and 2017 VRT performed inspections in one of the busiest ports in the UK, Port of Dover. This port is handling 17% of the UK’s trade in goods, in addition to around 5 million vehicles and 13 million passengers each year. As a part of their asset management program and commitment to maximize the operational life of the assets, the port employed VRT to survey quay wall infrastructure and seabed topography. VRT’s inspections were aiding to locate the need for detailed inspections of these assets. Surveys were divided into parts in order to get first-rate data.

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Orienteering for a good cause

Last weekend it was all about team spirit and orienteering, when VRT’s CEO Kirsi Hänninen together with the maintenance engineer of HaminaKotka Port, Saana Vuorinen, headed to the biggest orienteering relay competition in Joensuu, Finland. The race was as much about exceeding oneself and getting out of the comfort zone as about orienteering for a good cause. The team Pummit kadoksissa was a charity team competing at the day-time orienteering event, Finland 100 Venla relay. Lue lisää…

CEO lost in the woods with the world’s top biathletes?

The upcoming weekend, about 15 000 orienteering enthusiasts gather together in the woods of Joensuu, located in the Eastern part of Finland. Jukolan viesti, Finland’s largest and most traditional orienteering relay race, has been organised ever since 1949 for both the top teams and the amateurs.

This year from VRT’s perspective, there’s something very exciting happening during the day-time orienteering relay race, Venlojen viesti. Our CEO, Kirsi Hänninen, is taking part of a team called Pummit Kadoksissa, which is a charity team, competing for the local orienteering club, Kalevan Rasti.

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