Are you kicking off a construction project, in which it is relevant to know what lies below water surface? Or are you in the middle of constructing new structures which are lying underwater?

Whether you are a consultant or a constructor, with VRT’s multibeam sonar structure inspections we’re making the invisible visible and assist you in all the phases of a construction project from planning to project management and maintenance.


  • We assist you in planning a near-future construction project through offering you the baseline data of the structures and/or seabed by our multibeam sonar inspections
  • Receiving the baseline data facilitates budgeting, when you know what kind of actions must be made before starting the project (e.g. dredging)


  • During the project, we can verify the progress with our inspections – and avoid unpleasant surprises
  • We perform quality-checks of the constructions by underwater inspections
  • To ensure the correct installation of underwater structures (e.g. pipelines) we’re able to work on site and perform inspections during constructions


  • After the construction project, the maintaining of life cycle of structures begins
  • Comparing the data from newest inspections to the baseline data enables more cost-efficient and reliable repair planning, which extends the lifecycle of structures
  • With VRT’s unique BIM online services all the data collected from inspections is visually and easily available for you after the inspections. This enables transparent communication with stakeholders (e.g. investors, owners and managers of structures, subcontractors etc.)

Learn more about our work during a construction project!

Want to know more how our 3D inspections can facilitate underwater construction projects? Contact us, we are happy to tell you more!

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