Prior to the sonar, using divers performing underwater inspections was the most common way, but the founders of VRT found the urge for safer and faster measurement methods. VRT changed the focus from seabed to vertical structures and the measurement method VRT is using today is based on both multibeam sonars and patented inventions

We interviewed VRT’s survey engineer Mikael Sundqvist to share some of his ideas about VRT’s measurement process. Here’s what needs to be taken into consideration when our magicians are on the field making the invisible visible.

In addition to the measurement devices and VRT’s patented inventions, the quality data is also in the hands of the inspectors, who need to make sure the sonar specs are correct so that the accurate data can be provided.

– Of course, all the projects and fields are different, but the basic idea is the same: when we get to the field, we have a meeting with our client and go through all the areas we’re inspecting, Mikael explains.

For smooth and coherent cooperation on the field, the communication with the client is crucial. Before starting the inspections, VRT’s engineers and client discuss the specific areas that need inspecting, the length of inspections and most importantly – the traffic or operations the area might have.

VRT’s inspections are not interrupting any traffic on the site, not even the busiest ports. Depending on the size of the area inspected and the traffic, inspections take from 2 days up to two weeks.

– Sometimes we might not have the perfect weather conditions. Instead of sunshine we might have strong wind and wet snow, which might affect the laser measurements that we use for the above water structure inspections, Mikael says.

However, it’s fortunately very uncommon to stop the inspections due to bad weather conditions. There are always some areas that are possible to inspect and sonar inspections are not affected by bad weather conditions.

We asked Mikael to share his thoughts about VRT’s field work at the Port of Dover. Click here to read the interesting case example of one of the busiest ports in Europe!

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