Have you ever tried to find drawings or plans from a 50-year-old quay, hydropower plant or underwater pipeline? Have you spent hours in the archive room and still had to plan the repairs without decent scale drawings or try to see the picture behind old coffee stains? Are you familiar with the sigh of a designer when the original elevations are gone and he needs to start from scratch planning the extension? Get to know the new online tool for CAD drawings!


Most of the structures are made to last decades or even centuries. In that time the original plans are quite likely to get lost, outdated or even decayed. Before starting the repair or new construction project, it is essential to have the information of the existing structure, which can be tricky especially when dealing with underwater structures.

The first step is to get the measurement data from the existing structure. We have discussed the underwater inspection process in our Quick Guides, which you can read HERE. Also laser scanning, Lidar and photogrammetry are common methods for acquiring data from existing structures. After co-operating with hundreds of structure owners we noticed, that even if we make the survey data clear, visual and easily accessible in our GISGRO online system, there’s still the need for extra work with 2D or 3D CAD drawings. And our opinion is that the phase where point cloud is modelled to solids before doing CAD drawings is basically a waste of time, point cloud itself has all the information needed. So we decided to add a simple CAD tool to our software.

When your 3D data is in GISGRO, you can easily do CAD drawings by yourself. You even don’t have to be an engineer, we have confirmed that even a CMO can draw simple 2D CAD! After drawing e.g. an elevation using the polyline tool you can download the drawing in DXF format and then use it in all CAD softwares for further processing. Because the data in GISGRO is in correct coordinate and height reference system, the drawings are automatically in scale. Could it be any simpler?

If you want to know more about our revolutionary GISGRO software, just leave a message -we’ll get in touch! Or visit gisgro.com and start your free trial.

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