Traditionally, underwater inspections can be thought as projects, which include an on-site inspection and the transfer of survey data to the customer through a tool selected by the surveyor. However, this means that the collected data still needs to be post-processed, analyzed and utilized – possibly all of these phases going through a different partner.

But, could it be simpler?

Traditional underwater inspections are heavy and laborous for the client

Traditional inspection process: Service or more work for the customer?

Infrastructure owners ordering the underwater inspection service and surveyors delivering the service have often ended up handling a heavy process flow, where the customer needs to manage all the phases of the project from the survey to post-processing and utilising the data. Besides the back and forth communication between the customer, surveyor, and post-processing phase, the customer is in charge of transferring the underwater survey data to multiple places to get provided with processed data in the end. But when all the phases – survey, post-processing, analysis and utilization – are necessary, there is nothing to do to simplify the process?

The inspection process to support all phases of structures’ life-cycle

We noticed that there was a need for a seamless flow and easier communication throughout the process. To get rid of the laborious steps in the inspection process, we developed a process, which is a coherent chain formed of multidisciplinary team of experts under one roof. Replacing the idea of separate on-site inspections, post-processing, analysis and data management with more consistent flow, the process lets customers focus on their core work, while underwater inspections are executed as full service solutions with vast in-house expertise.

Our process for underwater inspections

Our service is developed to offer a turn-key solution for underwater asset management with structural inspections. One underwater inspection process can include up to 10 professionals: specialists to find the best inspection solution discussing the needs together with the customer, field team, point cloud data post-processing experts, licensed marine inspectors for analysis and interpretation of data as well as reporting professionals. The development and software specialist team is there to develop even more customer-friendly features for our Gisgro online-service, a platform for smart data management.

We find communication the key in the inspection process: different phases can easily discuss with each other, and with the customer. If there is a need for a tailored solution, a customer-centered approach is ensured with our team of experts, allowing us to react to different customer needs and to develop an underwater inspection service that is exactly the right fit to each cooperation. The unique expertise ensures that survey data can be collected for both above and below the surface, including the waterbed topography, and be processed into different models and visualizations, depending on the need. Get to know our technology here.

From the survey site to 3D data utilisation: These are the steps

The range of professionals allows us to deliver the whole service of underwater inspection process, as we can be present in all phases of structures’ life-cycle, instead of visiting some. This is how it works:

  1. We perform multibeam and laser inspections for bridges, ports, pipelines, oil terminals, offshore wind farms and hydropower plants’ structures above and below water surface using our own survey vessels and equipment.
  2. The survey data is post-processed by our professionals, and our licensed inspectors make interpretations and observations of the data to help you create detailed maintenance plans.
  3. You get an easy-access to the whole 3D point cloud data: in addition to a written inspection report, the high quality 3D data is delivered to you through our easy-to-use GISGRO online-service, through a web-browser of your choice without any additional software installations.
  4. We help you to utilize the inspection results smartly in predictive maintenance and asset integrity management in all phases of the structures’ life-cycle.

Our process offering unique value

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