Two weeks ago part of VRT’s sales team, Karri Koistinen and Pia Asikainen, packed their bags and flew to Oslo, Norway for Norsk Vann Årskonferansen 2017. This yearly conference is the place to be if you are involved with Norwegian water management; this year the event gathered together almost 300 water industry professionals from all over Norway and few of them also from abroad.

The program consisted of lectures on current hot topics of water management in Norway. They were extremely interesting to listen – even with weakish Norwegian skills we learned a lot about the development and challenges of water industry. There was tangible enthusiasm for innovations and environmentally friendly technologies. No wonder Oslo will be Europe’s Green Capital in 2019!

One big challenge which popped out from the conversations was the amount of drinking water leaking from the water supply system. Up to 50% of fresh water is lost somewhere in the way. Norway’s huge reserves of fresh water keeps the water supply going, but the problem is more economical. The background of the challenge lies in geographical features of Norway; due to the low alkanility of the water the pipelines are prone to corrosion and the steep topography puts the pipelines under constant pressure.

Although these issues might sound rather challenging, we have realised VRT’s knowledge and expertise can aid to solve these issues. Where pipelines lie under water, we can assist in checking the seabed conditions before the installations to ensure the best route. VRT can also survey the existing pipelines for potential risk areas or damages.

In June 2018 Oslo hosts the 11th Nordic Drinking Water Conference. Based on our experiences from this visit, we’ll make sure to be there enjoying the intriguing conversations, good atmosphere and smiling people of Norway!


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