Sitowise has acquired part of VRT Finland Oy’s business operations. The business transaction expands Sitowise’s services with underwater surveys and inspections of bridges and structures and takes the know-how to the best in the world.

VRT Finland Oy is a technology company founded in Jyväskylä in 2010. It offers innovative solutions for 3D construction inspections and the utilization of 3D data to determine the condition of structures below and above the surface of the water and on the bottom. The production and analysis of 3D data is world-class.

Sitowise acquired VRT Finland Oy’s business, which covers 3D construction inspections and the processing and utilisation of 3D data for condition studies of structures below and above the surface of the water. With the transaction, VRT’s nine experts will become part of Sitowise to strengthen the company’s expertise.

– The business transaction brings us special expertise and top experts in the field. We will be able to expand the expertise and service offering of underwater surveys on bridges and structures, says Mikko Rauhanen, Service Manager for Structure Lifecycle Services at Sitowise.

– Our experts have top-notch knowledge in the processing of 3D data. We produce the world’s highest quality data underwater, says Kirsi Hänninen, CEO of VRT Finland Oy. – This expertise will be better utilised through the business transaction as our expertise will be combined with Sitowise’s service offering and opportunities to develop the business, she continues.

After the business transaction, VRT Finland Oy will continue to expand its GISGRO business and focus on the development of software services in the port industry. Cooperation between companies will continue in terms of existing customer relationships and in future projects.

Sitowise’s expertise in bridge and other infrastructure surveys has hither to be strongest above the water surface. With the business transaction, expertise also extends below the surface with top-level data production and processing. – It is a natural continuation to the lifecycle management of bridges and structures, Mikko describes.

High-quality and efficiently produced data and its processing capability provide information on the condition of structures that directly affect maintenance costs, fluentness of operations, and future expectations. Accurate and comprehensive analysis of underwater structures is best achieved by utilizing georeferenced scanning techniques combined with professional data processing.

– The cooperation between Sitowise and VRT has lasted for a decade, so we know each other’s competence and goals. With the business transaction, this expertise will be utilised more widely and both companies will be able to develop their own strengths, Kirsi continues.

– The business transferred from VRT Finland to Sitowise complements the Structure Lifecycle Services at Sitowise in accordance with our objectives. Their expertise in collecting 3D data, fur-ther processing and analysis of material and reporting brings a significant part to our service. With our own input, we can strengthen this service and enable us to offer more versatile expert services to our customers, says Ari Savolainen, Director of Bridges and Structures unit at Sitowise.


More information:

Ari Savolainen
Sitowise, Director of Bridges and Structures unit
+358 40 163 7772

Mikko Rauhanen
Sitowise, Service Manager of Structure Lifecycle Services
+358 45 131 6003

Kirsi Hänninen
VRT Finland Oy, CEO
+358 44 031 0760

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