VRT Finland was founded 2010 by two civil engineers with a mission for visual clarity of built underwater structures by using more secure and the highest quality technology on all inspections. On our journey, we have won two startup competitions in Finland, attracting the interest of investors and the public. We are a growing company employing now over 20 people and counting.

We perform underwater inspections with high-quality multi-beam sonar technology. Our pioneering expertise responds to the challenges of low-visibility underwater. We offer a comprehensive view of vertical underwater structures, such as bridges, ports, pipelines and power plants, to facilitate a cost effective approach to asset management.

Our services have developed from measurement-centered approach into offering our customer a wholehearted understanding of underwater structures with quality images and reports, tailored to the customer’s specific needs. This need has risen from our customers, and our services are now aiding both the owners and managers of underwater infrastructure and the engineering and construction professionals. When the measurements still play a vital role in our surveys, it is our unique expertise to lead the customer through the whole process of surveys, post-processing data and reporting it to customers, including the BIM technology.

We are determinate that this whole process including not only measurements, but also post-processing and displaying the results, are needed in order to get a full and clear understanding of the conditions of structures laying underwater. We assist our clients in utilising the gathered information in building and maintaining underwater structures. After our surveys, we offer visualisations, reports and 3D data, which are utilised as tools for asset management. Our in-house softwares and technology reveal what needs to be repaired and when.

“We’ve collected a team of enthusiastic specialists with whom we’re making the invisible visible.”

Certainly, to accomplish our mission, VRT Finland consists of team members who can perform professionally with quality. That is why we have collected a team of enthusiastic specialists with whom we’re making the invisible visible. Our team consists of members with different backgrounds from civil, electric and land survey engineering to economics, software designer and even architecture. This variety of background and expertise of our personnel is harnessed to respond to the ongoing challenges of our customers’ asset management of built infrastructure.

Photo of the VRT team


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