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Multibeam inspection of port structures

Port of Mo i Rana

VRT Finland inspected the port structures, including two quays and the seabed topography, for Port of Mo i Rana in Norway. The Port of Mo i Rana was planning dredging in the port area, and it was important to investigate the underwater conditions before starting the project. As the survey results provide important baseline information and allow long-term data comparisons, VRT’s service helps the Port of Mo i Rana in different phases of the port’s life-cycle: construction, maintenance and asset management.

Port of Mo i Rana

Hydropower plant dam inspections


VRT Finland surveyed the hydropower plants of Edenforsen and Degerforsen for Uniper, a large international energy company. The inspections included the examination of underwater dam structures, earthfill dams and the topography of the water reservoir basin floor. Uniper was interested in underwater surveys of hydropower plants to ensure its reliable, safe and sustainable energy supply to Swedish industry. The energy company needs to be informed about the overall condition of its underwater assets and their physical and geographical forms as the correct functioning of the dams provides the basis for secure energy production as hydropower covers approximately half of Sweden's power demand.


Bridge inspection

City of Regensburg

VRT Finland helped City of Regensburg manage their underwater assets by inspecting the bridge structures and the riverbed of a 12th-century bridge, the Stone Bridge (Steinerne Brücke), in Germany. The City of Regensburg needed a method for underwater inspections, which could provide more details compared to traditional inspections methods for monitoring the condition of bridge infrastructure. The detailed 3D data, processed and interpreted by VRT's licensed marine inspectors, can be used for long-term change comparisons to observe the possible changes in the Stone bridge's structures and in the condition of the riverbed.

City of Regensburg

Dam structure inspections

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

VRT Finland surveyed the dam structures of a former flood retention basin, which has later been harnessed also for electricity production, for the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland. During the three-day-inspection in murky waters, two different dam structures were extensively measured. VRT’s processed and analysed survey data offers a precise basis for maintenance and asset integrity management. ELY Centre utilises the results to improve dam safety and usability of water structures.

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Canal inspection

Finnish Traffic Agency

VRT has studied the condition of Finnish waterways together with The Finnish transport agency (FTA), since 2012. FTA has been a pioneer in using sonar inspection to facilitate asset management of underwater structures, and the results from VRT are used to schedule future inspection, plan maintenance regimes and reduce the risk related to waterways traffic.

Finnish Traffic Agency

Wharf inspection

Port of Aarhus

VRT performed a underwater survey comprising 6-km of quay walls and more than 3-km of breakwater in Denmark’s largest container Port, Port of Aarhus. The fieldwork of inspecting underwater structures lasted for five working days and the end-result will enable the port to proactively prevent damage and failure in the future.

Port of Aarhus

Port inspection

Port of Bodø

VRT's field team performed an all-encompassing underwater survey of the Port of Bodø in Northern Norway. Completed in only two working days, the inspection included more than 2-km of quay walls. On the basis of the inspection, Port of Bodø is now planning repair work and development priorities for their port.

Port of Bodø

Underwater pipeline inspection

Jyväskylä Energy Group

VRT surveyed 10-km of underwater pipelines for Finnish electricity, water and district heat provider Jyväskylä Energy Group. Lasting for four working days, the inspection provides an accurate map of the location and condition of the pipes as well as facilitates future repair work and investments into the network.

Jyväskylä Energy Group

Port inspection

Bayernhafen Gruppe

A 15-km quay wall inspection utilising VRTs sonar 3D imaging technology for one of Europe's largest inland port operator. And a recent inspection to understand the changes in the underwater assets as well as to ensure sufficient navigational depth.

Bayernhafen Gruppe

Port inspection

Port of Dover

In 2016 as part of ongoing asset management programme and commitment to maximising the operational life of its assets the Port of Dover employed VRT to survey over 3km of quay wall infrastructure and seabed topography to aid in the detailed inspection of these assets.

Port of Dover

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