Underwater asset management for an important waterway hub

Underwater quay wall images bursting with details, overwater visualisations, engineering report describing anomalies and critical locations, CAD-models to facilitate repair and change models to understand rate of deterioration. These are among the tools Bayernhafen Group now are equipped with to enhance their asset management.

Annually, since 2013, when six inland ports where surveyed, VRT has surveyed infrastructure for one of Europe’s largest inland port operators . Previously they had little knowledge of their underwater structures due to poor underwater visibility.

Conducted with regular intervals in the recent years, VRT’s sonar surveys allowed the client to undertake targeted repairs on critical quayside locations and to monitor areas not of immediate concern, allowing for cost savings in underwater repairs and optimized budgeting.

All damage and structural variations found in the surveys have been clearly displayed by VRT, and the location of those accurately pinpointed for decision-making and optimised lifecycle management.

We are very satisfied with the results of VRTs harbour inspection. The documentation is a very good base for further decisions and gives a detailed view on the conditions of the wall

Thomas Lang, Bayernhafen Group, Regensburg

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Port of Bodø

Port of Bodø

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