Multibeam sonar and laser scan improving dam safety

VRT inspected dam structures for the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) for Southern Ostrobothnia, which is an important centre for implementing regional development in Finland. The survey of Patana’s reservoir dam structures and of Yrttikoski’s dam structures and basin area was performed with the combination of multibeam sonar and a laser scan.

For ELY Centre, it was crucial to obtain clear and precise information about the dam structures and their possible changes to maintain the correct functioning of the dams. VRT delivered ELY Centre an extensive inspection report and clear 3D point cloud data, which help ELY-Centre to investigate possible changes in the dam structures and protective elements, developing dam safety proactively and cost-effectively.

ELY Centre utilises detailed 3D data through GISGRO online-tool to ensure a safe use of the dams and a long life-cycle of the structures. The results of the inspections will be used as baseline data for future surveys and change comparisons, and to improve dam safety and usability of water structures.

“Especially VRT’s high-quality visual output was one of the criteria that made us choose VRT. GISGRO’s 3D data with highly developed visualisations allows us independently to examine those parts of the structure, which are the most interesting for us. This facilitates a more detailed monitoring of possible changes in our structures”, says Tomi Mäki, Specialist, Water Resources Engineering, ELY Centre for Southern Ostrobothnia.

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Compared to more traditional inspection methods, such as diving, VRT’s multibeam sonar inspections allow investigating longer dam structures and perceiving the condition more accurately. VRT’s clear 3D point cloud data helps us to efficiently improve dam safety in the long-term.

Tomi Mäki, Specialist, Water Resources Engineering, ELY Centre for Southern Ostrobothnia

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