Sonar inspection

VRT has studied the condition of Finnish waterways together with The Finnish transport agency (FTA), since 2012 with VRT recently surveying the condition of structures of a 45-km canal route in Keitele in Central Finland. The FTA is responsible for maintenance of the canals, the riverbed and waterway structures such as lock mechanisms to make sure they are in a condition where traffic can flow safely.

“Based on a 3D sonar measurement survey, we can say that an area is in good condition and no acute measures are needed. We can then perform a new survey in 3-5 years and monitor changes in the structures. This even then allows for estimates of appropriate inspection cycles and predicative maintenance,” Tero Sikiö, Head of Inland Waterways, FTA.

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VRT's sonar technology is effective for FTA: structural studies make it possible to quickly inspect large areas and to focus further inspection in the right places

Tero Sikiö, Head of Inland Waterways, Finnish Traffic Agency

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Port of Aarhus

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