Underwater structural survey of a shipyard

Helsinki Shipyard has 150 years of history in the demanding shipbuilding industry. The history of the shipyard starts already in 1865 with the establishing of Helsingfors Skeppsdocka in Helsinki. Over half of the icebreakers used worldwide have been built here in Helsinki, in addition to numerous cruise ships and other working vessels.

VRT scanned the underwater structures of the shipyard first time in 2017. The newest inspection included also laser scanning for the above water structures. After combining the survey data, Helsinki Shipyard got a precise and visual picture of the structures and their current condition. The field team also photographed the observations above water level, so that the civil engineers of VRT got a comprehensive view for the structural inspection. The delivered survey results are used in maintenance planning.

The detailed 3D data easily available in GISGRO

Mobile sonar scanning ensures that the field work can be done quickly without interfering the shipyard’s operations. After the fieldwork, the survey data was post processed in VRT headquarters and our inspector went through the data inch by inch, reporting all the observations and possible defects. The results were delivered via an online platform GISGRO, which provides Helsinki Shipyard an easy access to the 3D data for maintenance planning. The observations are classified to four categories, so it is also easy to prioritise the maintenance operations.

The visual 3D reporting allows viewing the data and observations in different angles, as well as analysing it with GISGRO’s measurement tools. Whether the defect is erosion on the seabed or a damage on a concrete quay, the exact coordinates and the extent of the damage is easily found in the platform.

The cooperation with VRT’s professionals has been open and productive. We got valuable insight and digital material on the condition of the shipyard’s quays and structures. The data makes our asset management easy and enables predictive maintenance and long-term repair planning for the quays. We will continue regular inspections with VRT in the future.

Ari Sylve, Maintenance Manager, Helsinki Shipyard Oy

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