Coming back to Jämtkraft’s hydropower plants

Jämtkraft AB is a Swedish energy company that provides electricity, district heating and electricity network, and produces only renewable energy. Östersund, Krokom and Åre are their main areas of business. Jämtkraft owns 17 hydropower plants in Sweden. VRT and Jämtkraft have co-operated in underwater inspections from 2018, and in 2019 the project was to inspect HPP’s and attached areas in Kattsrupeforsen and Hissmofors.

The survey included three methods; a sonar survey for underwater structures and a laser scanning for above water structures, performed from a survey vessel. In addition, the land areas in Hissmofors upstream were scanned with a static laser to provide exact 3D model, which was combined with the rest of the data to create a comprehensive model of the whole area. The laser data included also RGB-colours to achieve real-life image.

3D data as a tool for planning and analysis

In addition to the basic delivery via 3D online platform GISGRO, Jämtkraft received 3D surface model from Kattsrupeforsen to produce current CFD calculations of the area. A detailed, georeferenced 3D data acts as a perfect starting point for any kind of planning and analysis.

In electricity production the efficiency is naturally one of the priorities, and with 3D data of the hydropower plant’s area it is possible to detect barriers which effect the river’s flow and the efficiency for electricity production. With the same survey we get valuable information about the condition of HPP’s structures and nearby areas below and above the water line. In the quest for more efficient and sustainable energy production, the co-operation between Jämtkraft and VRT is continuing in the coming years.

“We will use the results for CFD calculations, so it is very important to have the whole are correctly modelled.”

Lars Johnsson, Jämtkraft AB

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