Monitoring of underwater pipeline assets

The cooperation with Jyväskylä Energy Group’s helps the Finnish energy company in construction, maintenance and post-construction asset management.  Multibeam sonar inspections and detailed 3D data delivered through Gisgro online-service provide Jyväskylä Energy Group a solution for baseline information before the construction, quality control and assurance during the construction and monitoring of the structures. With long-term cooperation, change comparisons are possible, which facilitates predictive maintenance and asset integrity management.

VRT Finland Ltd. and Jyväskylä Energy Group have been collaborating for years.  This summer VRT is performing underwater sonar inspections and surveys for Jyväskylä Energy Group in different locations. Jyväskylä Energy Company is planning and constructing a 25-kilometre long wastewater transfer pipeline between Lievestuore and Jyväskylä as a part of Jyväskylä Energy Group’s Pisara concept. Constructing the transfer pipeline will start during the upcoming fall.

About 7 kilometres of the transfer pipeline will be installed in the bottom of the lakes in Leppävesi, Päijänne and Jyväsjärvi. The multibeam sonar inspections are performed in order to collect and check the baseline data for planning the new pipeline. After constructing, the installed pipelines will be surveyed with the same technique.

The digital measurement results collected with sonar inspections are delivered for the client via a web-based portal, Gisgro Online Service. In the Lievestuore project Pisara is piloting how this portal can be utilized among all the parties involved in the project, and in the asset management of pipeline’s lifecycle. With the pilot carried out in our cooperation, one new model is inspected in the field of digital modelling.

– VRT was the first in the world to perform structural inspections with required accuracy using sonar technology, and we are also the first ones in the world to offer the possibility for the client to utilize and analyze the collected 3D data easily via Gisgro Online Services, states VRT’s VP Business Development Mikko Kolehmainen.

In the collaboration, the know-how of both companies is combined and the information collected from the sonar inspections is utilized wisely in the needs of planning, constructing and maintaining the pipelines.


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Pisara is a service concept developed by Jyväskylä Energy Group. Pisara combines high technology and Finnish water expertise into a new kind of service. Pisara helps to strengthen water supply through external experts, solutions and business models. Pisara maintains and develops water supply both as a technical system and as a valuable asset.

"The amount of digitalization is growing up in all construction projects and during these days a lot of information is saved in even more accurate form. Digital material can be already utilized variously in planning the construction work. Virtual technology increases the utilizing possibilities in the future even more"

Kimmo Järvinen, Head of Construction, Jyväskylä Energy Group

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