3D data for predictive maintenance and planning

Lempäälä Water Utility takes care of distribution of premium quality water for 19 000 households. Their mission is to produce high-class water supply for the booming municipality in an economical and environmentally friendly way. Building, maintenance and renovation of water supply network is an important task for their mission.

VRT inspected several kilometers of underwater pipelines in Kirkkojärvi and Havaslahti areas in one day’s fieldwork. The goal of the inspection was to gain information about the condition of the current pipelines for maintenance planning as well as the topography of Kirkkojärvi and the location of the pressure sewer for planning of new pipeline. The reporting and delivery were done via GISGRO online service. GISGRO enables examining of the 3D data via web browser without any additional software. Lempäälä Water Utility also received depth charts to facilitate the planning.

New information about the pipeline from the survey

Multibeam sonar inspection revealed for the first time the exact condition and possible risky areas. ”The results were clear and easy to understand. Even the smaller concrete weighs were easily seen in the data”, stated Arto Löppönen, Water Supply Engineer at Lempäälä Water Utility. If there’s objects on the pipeline or void space under it, that  creates a risk for the pipeline. Because the utility now has a detailed view of the situation under water, it’s easy to focus the repairs on the right location.

”We are going to install the new pipeline next to the old pressure sewer, so the location information is essential in the planning phase. There was up to 60 meters’ difference in our knowledge of the location and the location VRT’s inspection verified”, Löppönen mentions. The new pipeline is built in 2020 at the latest, after which the quality of the installation and the final location of the pipeline is confirmed with a control survey.

We were kept up to date with all the phases of the project, from field work to final delivery. VRT’s service was professional, well-informed and customer-friendly.

Arto Löppönen, Water Supply Engineer, Lempäälä Water Utility

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