Stadtwerke Neustadt in Holstein

Neustadt in Holstein is a coastal city located at the Bay of Lübeck in Northern Germany. The Stadtwerke Neustadt in Holstein (SWNH) manages the municipal utilities from energy infrastructure to water supply, taking also care of the city’s harbour. The municipal port of Neustadt i.H. has over half a kilometre long quay for commercial vessels. A second part of the port is its beautiful marina with 280 jetty berths for sports and leisure boats.

Providing information for the renovation planning

The port had not performed a 3D inspection for underwater assets before VRT’s survey in the end of 2020. At the time there were renovations and reorganizations planned in the port area, so the inspections gave valuable information about the general condition of the whole port area. Primary survey target were the waterfront assets and their underwater parts, which are usually difficult to access.

VRT’s mobile survey ensures that wide areas can be inspected and digitized in a comparatively short time. Therefore, the interference with the port’s traffic and daily business are minimal. The high level of detail, which the combination of multibeam sonar and laser scanning provide, enable VRT to pinpoint and visualize damages or hazardous areas precisely.

The inspection area included about three kilometres of quays and jetties in total. In addition, a hydrographical survey of most of the port’s seabed was done at the same time.

Neustadt in Holstein marina

The survey results help many stakeholders of the city’s asset management

As SWNH had hoped, the results confirmed that the assets were in quite good shape and no changes to the already planned constructions were needed. With the clear visualisations of the survey results, it was also easy to share the findings with all the stakeholders of the upcoming construction project, as well as the various city authorities involved. Even if there were no urgent damages on the assets, the maintenance planning is easier with the precise information of the assets’ condition.

The gathered 3D database also opens a whole variety of possibilities for future construction planning as it contains more information than any 2D survey data could provide.

The preparation of the offer and the coordination for placing the order for our project took place in direct and quick contact by telephone. We used the presented references to inform ourselves about the quality of the offered services. The surveying in our company was carried out professionally and effectively. In the results presented via video conference, the survey results were presented and well explained to us. At the same time, the VRT team provided us with the know-how to perform our own analyses using the software provided. There were no obstacles due to language barriers during these discussions. Overall, we were very satisfied with the order processing and presentation of results and can recommend the company VRT.

Harald Wiese, CEO, Stadtwerke Neustadt in Holstein

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