Safe port operations ensured with structural multibeam inspections

One of the key values for the Port of Mo i Rana is to provide reliable port operations by proactively addressing possible needs for maintenance. With multibeam sonar inspections, it was crucial for the port to obtain a clear image of the underwater structures and the seabed conditions to make sure that construction projects could be started and that maintenance work is done appropriately.

 Two public quay structures and the seabed topography were inspected for the Port of Mo i Rana, to help the port to manage their underwater assets in a more comprehensive and detailed manner. Incomplete maintenance activities and lacking baseline information could harm the port’s usability and the life-cycle of the structures significantly, but with multibeam sonar inspections, the port can to stay up-to-date on the underwater conditions.

”For us, it was important to see if there was any obstructions, debris or structural damage that need targeted maintenance or that could prevent the planned dredging project. With the 3D data delivered to us through VRT’s online service, we can follow the tendencies and history of the structural changes to put our efforts in predictive maintenance”, continues Nordhagen.

Detailed 3D data for facilitated asset management plan

Inspections with multibeam sonar technology, detailed 3D survey data and the expert interpretations, which were delivered in an extensive survey report, helped the Port of Mo i Rana to find out the condition of the underwater quay structures, seabed depths, and possible debris on the seabed.

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Without the detailed data provided by the inspections, the planned dredging operation could have been hindered, while also increasing the costs of possible maintenance and repair planning. With the inspection results, the Port of Mo i Rana can easily plan and target their port maintenance, and keep track of structural changes over time.


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“We would recommend every port to do this kind of surveys, and VRT has delivered to the fullest of our expectations. When we do another survey in 2019 or 2020 we will then have a history and can compare the reports one to the other. By using the same company, we will get a perfect overview and can easily see any changes in the conditions.”

Svein Tore Nordhagen, Harbourmaster, Port of Mo i Rana

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