Den Helder is a coastal city in the Western Netherlands, having a vivid history from the 15th century on. Throughout its history Port of Den Helder has been connecting the civil and naval seafarers and utilizing the opportunities of current circumstances to develop the port. Already several decades the port has been serving the offshore industry, being a home base for many offshore companies in oil & gas operations and renewable energy production.

Port of Den Helder owns and manages various types of assets from quays and locks to waterways and bridges. In addition to daily maintenance, the port renovates older structures and constructs new ones according to the asset management plans. The inspections of underwaters structures also follow these plans, and after years of diving inspections Port of Den Helder decided this time to use multibeam sonar inspection with VRT’s experienced team.

Information from the structures and bathymetry at the same time

VRT inspected a section of steel sheet wall using multibeam sonar for below, and RGB coloured laser for above the waterline structures. The inspection revealed not only the condition of the quay structures, but also the bathymetry of the canal at the same time. The resulted 3D data received very good feedback from the port’s CTO Maarten Boer, and the technology will be used also in the future.

Port of Den Helder describes itself as a learning organisation and VRT’s data delivery via online 3D platform GISGRO offers ideas for enhancing the port’s asset management processes. In addition to viewing the 3D survey data it enables the utilization of the data further in various operations.

VRT has succeeded in making the most modern 3D software. The survey data is delivered fast, it is easily accessible and usable in our asset management.

Maarten Boer, CTO, Port of Den Helder

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