Smart asset management with multibeam sonar and laser scanning

The Port of Dover is home to the busiest international roll-on roll-o­ff ferry port in Europe, handling around 5 million vehicles and 13 million passengers each year.

As part of its ongoing asset management programme and commitment to maximising the operational life of its assets the Port employed us to survey quay wall infrastructure and seabed topography to aid in the detailed inspection of these assets.

Surveys utilized a combination of multibeam echosounders and terrestrial laser scanners to create high resolution scans of the Ports infrastructure. 24/7 operations, challenging tidal conditions and restricted access were no issue for the team of skilled professionals.

After processing the datasets full 3D models representing the above and below water infrastructure along with full interpretative reports were generated to enable the Port to conduct thorough Engineering assessments of the assets condition, the information gained from the surveys allowed a programme of subsequent targeted dive surveys.

Based on the success of this project, repeat surveys will be conducted regularly to enable the Port to establish any long term movement trends within its quay wall infrastructure.

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As a port handling 17 per cent of the UK’s trade in goods, it’s crucial our infrastructure remains robust. The datasets created by VRT allowed us to get a detailed representation of the overall condition of our assets. This increased the effectiveness of our assessment and maintenance programme because the data gave us the ability to target dive surveys on those areas needing further investigation.

Darren Bell, Geospatial Engineer, Port of Dover

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