Information about the quay structures with a 3D survey

Greifswald is an old Hanseatic city known of its university in Northern Germany. Greifswald is located in the coastline of the Baltic Sea with the river Ryck flowing across the city.

The port of Greifswald also has a long history, some of the structures dating back to 1860’s. There naturally are not any drawings left in the archives from 170 years back, so the city wanted to have a 3D survey to have accurate models of the structures and find out the condition of quays. The information is used in planning the maintenance and new constructions.

Muddy water does not affect the accuracy of the 3D data

VRT’s multibeam sonar technology enables the gathering of high-quality 3D data even in the murkiest waters. In Greifswald the river Ryck has quite a lot of floating sediments in the mid water, but the difference in resolution between the data from muddy river and clearer sea can barely be spotted.

Almost four kilometres of quay structures were inspected in addition to 8 hectares of river and sea bed. The dominant structure types in the area were poles and steel sheet wall. Despite of many moored boats, the field team was able to gather representative and accurate 3D data from the structures, and our inspectors created a comprehensive report of the condition of the quays.

Online platform for 3D data management easies the communication

Port of Greifswald received the 3D data and inspection report via the online platform GISGRO. The tools in GISGRO allow for example the analysis of poles’ deformation or extent of accumulation or erosion in the riverbed.

The information about the structures in visual form enables easy communication between different stakeholders in the community. The possible repairs or maintenance procedures can be planned with accurate information from the survey, as also the licensed inspector’s observations are categorized according to the severity of the damage. Now also the drawings of the structures can be updated or done from scratch using the georeferenced 3D data.

port of greifswald

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