Developing the port area for the needs of industry and community

Port of Norrköping is a Swedish transport hub located about 130 kilometers south from Stockholm. The central location helps Port of Norrköping to provide logistics for different industries, while also half of the Swedes live in proximity of the port.

Port of Norrköping is an important gateway in Sweden for forest products like pulp, paper and timber, as well as other industrial and agricultural freight. In recent years the port area has been developed to serve better the interests of both the logistics industry and the surrounding community; the inner harbour is transforming to a residential area and port operations are concentrated more around Pampus Terminal. The development work on Pampus Terminal created also a need for underwater inspections of the quay structures.

Detecting changes with regular inspections

VRT inspected Port of Norrköping’s quay structures first time in 2019. The quay at Pampus Terminal consists of steel sheet wall and steel piles. Piles are generally challenging to inspect with sonar scanners,but the resulted condition report was nevertheless very comperehensive, including observations of possible collision marks, for example. Because the survey data was delivered in 3D via an oline platform GISGRO, the port’s personnel could analyse the damages and find the exact locations of the observed anomalies.

The port development and construction project included dredging and underwater blasting works, so Port of Norrköping ordered a new inspection in 2020 to ensure the quality of dredging and that the blasting did not cause damages to the structures. The survey was performed for the same area than a year before, and VRT’s licenced inspectors compared the results to find out if any new damage could be found, or the ones found in 2019 expanded. The dredged area was clearly visible in the 3D data, and in GISGRO it is also possible to compare and measure the difference in clearance depths with measurement tools.

Comparing surveys in Norrköping

Digital twin in GISGRO helps in asset management

Online platform GISGRO works as a map-based asset management system in addition to delivering the survey results in 3D. Port of Norrköping is using GISGRO not only as an asset data bank, but also to develop the port’s maintenance operations. Easily available asset data with online work orders can reduce the costs of maintenance management and enhance the communication in and between the teams in port.



Multibeam sonar scanning is a cost-effective way to carry out quay inspections. We are satisfied with VRT’s work.

Eric Gustavsson, Project Manager, Port of Norrköping

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