3D surveys aiding maintenance of an inland port

Port of Stuttgart is an inland port by the river Neckar in the Southern Germany. It is an important hub connecting water, rail and road transportation and handling both bulk and container cargo.

The infrastructure of Port of Stuttgart is mostly built in 1950’s and 60’s, hence some of the structures being already 70 years old. The port’s maintenance plan includes structural inspections in every third year, but the surveys have mostly been done by divers. With VRT’s multibeam sonar and laser surveys, Port of Stuttgart received a 3D view to their underwater structures for the first time.

Loads of information from the structures with only one day’s 3D survey

VRT’s field crew spent one day surveying over 2 kilometres of quay structures consisting mostly of concrete and steel sheet walls. The survey area also contained one rail bridge, where two supports and adjacent riverbed were inspected.

After the field work the point cloud data was post-processed and cleaned at the VRT headquarters, and our licensed inspectors went through the datasets and photographs from the field to gather a comprehensive report of the condition of the structures.

3D data from the survey acts as the baseline for predictive maintenance

Port of Stuttgart continues using 3D surveys in port maintenance, as they were very satisfied with the first inspection. GISGRO enables also comparing the datasets from different times to see if the damages and changes are proceeding or staying the same. This is a key to cost-effective predictive maintenance allowing the prioritization of maintenance operations.

port of stuttgart

Often the 3D data gathered in a survey is underused, because the client can’t even access the 3D point clouds and the survey report includes only a few observations, if any. We offer the client the full service, with our professional interpretations of the findings and delivering the 3D data via an easy-to-use online platform GISGRO

Frederic Müller-Braune, VRT’s Country Manager in Germany & Austria

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