Inspection of underwater port structures

Port of Turku in Finland is a forerunner in predictive maintenance, actively investing in the safety and usability of the lively port area. Modern inspection technology and an easy-to-use online-service for versatile utilization of survey data were important factors for Port of Turku. With long cooperation, valuable knowledge of the structures and underwater conditions could be both collected and managed smartly.

Cooperation with Port of Turku continued with multibeam inspections of underwater quay structures and a port area for train ferries. The inspections with multibeam sonar were performed in a fast and safe manner, which ensured operational continuity for the busy port while offering a full picture of invisible underwater structures cost-efficiently.

Before arriving to the survey site, our field team has carefully planned the on-site schedule and tasks together with the customer in order to be well-prepared for the possible special conditions of the location. Port of Turku obtained a detailed image of the underwater structures and the seabed condition cost-efficiently as with careful planning, modern multibeam sonar technology and the expert team, the inspections can be performed without shutting down any port operations.

“For as vast areas as our quay structures, diver inspections are more costly and slower as the divers cannot see further than 15 centimeters. With multibeam sonar inspections we can get a fast and cost-efficient report and detailed 3D data, without pausing the normal operations at our port. The large but detailed overview also optimizes the use of divers, who can be then used for more acute needs based on the 3D data”, says Jouni Hilden, Technical Planning Manager, Port of Turku.

Detailed 3D data online for predictive maintenance

For Port of Turku, it was important to get an underwater view, which offers detailed knowledge about the condition of the structures and the seabed, and which could be also easily stored for further use. With the processed, analyzed and interpreted 3D data delivered to Port of Turku, the port received all necessary baseline information for an upcoming dredging project as well as for future repair work. The quay structure areas have now been inspected twice in the last few years and all survey data is stored and managed in GISGRO online-service. The easy-to-use platform allows detailed long-term comparison between data sets, facilitating predictive repair and maintenance planning and extending the life-cycle of structures.

Our cooperation has offered us the possibility to store and manage all survey data easily in GISGRO online-service, where we can independently access all survey data, which has been processed and interpreted by VRT’s licensed inspectors. This service lets us view, analyze and utilize the data for maintenance planning and budgeting in all phases of structures’ life-cycle.

Jouni Hildén, Technical Planning Manager, Port of Turku

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