Lifecycle management for underwater pipelines with multibeam sonar survey

Turun Vesihuolto Oy (Turku Water Utility) is responsible for the fresh water supply and wastewater management in the Turku region. Their collaboration with VRT started already in 2015, when the underwater pipeline network was inspected for the first time. The maintenance plan included the next inspection in 2020, and because of the mild winter the fieldwork could be done already in January. Turun Vesihuolto has about 20 kilometres of underwater pipelines and VRT inspected all of it also this time.

The inspection was performed with a survey vessel and the fieldwork lasted only three days. One of the benefits of mobile sonar survey is to have an accurate picture of the whole pipeline network in a short time.

Compare the datasets to detect changes with GISGRO online platform

VRT delivers the results of the survey via online platform GISGRO. GISGRO enables viewing and utilizing of the 3D data without any additional software installations. GISGRO allows also further analysis of the data and downloading VRT’s inspector’s report of the condition of the assets.

Along with the new survey data, the data from 2015 survey was also uploaded to GISGRO for easy comparison of the datasets and to see whether there has been changes since the last survey. If there is empty space under the pipeline or its location has been changed substantially, Turun Vesihuolto can easily guide the diving survey to the right location for repairs or closer examination.

Observe risks for the pipeline in time

The underwater inspection gives Turun Vesihuolto a comprehensive understanding of the current condition of the pipeline network. Broken weighs, erosion under the pipeline and other risks are easy to detect with the 3D data and inspector’s report. Symmetrical erosion may be related to leaks, which can be verified and fixed by a diver. It is much easier to plan maintenance operations with the accurate condition and location information of the pipeline network.

Previously it has been challenging to verify the condition of underwater pipelines and to have a comprehensive view of the assets. With VRT’s multibeam sonar survey this challenge is now solved, and we have reliable information about the situation.

Petri Elo, Water Supply Manager, Turun Vesihuolto Oy

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