If you are an infrastructure manager, you certainly want to be aware of the condition of the structures. When the building is on land, it is quite easy to verify the condition visually and use the information for planning the needed maintenance operations. Under water it is almost as easy when using VRT’s multibeam sonar survey service.

Use your own expertise to evaluate the priority of the repair

VRT offers the full interpretation of the observed damages or anomalies with the experience of hundreds of underwater structural inspections. Still, you are the expert of the structure’s lifecycle. Has there been a collision or a spot that has already been repaired in the past, do you have a certain quay where the largest vessels berth, or bulk cargo is loaded? Those are the locations you possibly are most interested in.

The well visualised multibeam sonar data may be the first time an infrastructure manager actually sees the structures he is responsible for. Previously you may have been relying on diver reports or fuzzy videos, without a possibility to evaluate the findings yourself. Therefore, there might be surprises when we look at the data together for the first time.

Utilise professional tools to analyse the survey data

Sometimes seeing is not enough, but you need a thorough analysis or calculations to make the maintenance decisions. VRT delivers the 3D data via an online platform GISGRO, so you can utilise the same analysis tools than our own inspectors. Measure, take coordinates or cross-sections, calculate volumes or inspect depths -all the tools are designed to be easy-to-use even if you don’t have an experience in engineering software.

Our specialists are eager to show you how detailed picture of your infrastructure you get with VRT’s 3D surveys.

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