Your partner in every phase of underwater structures’ life-cycle.


We assist you in planning construction projects by offering you baseline data of the structures and/or seabed with our 3D inspection service. Receiving initial data facilitates budgeting, when you know what kind of actions must be made before starting the project.

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During the project, we can verify the progress with our inspections to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Construction quality checks with underwater inspections keep you up-to-date on your projects while saving time and money.

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Comparing the data from the latest inspection to the initial data enables more cost-efficient and reliable repair planning, which extends the life-cycle of structures.

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With our unique service all the survey data is visually available for you in our easy-to-use GISGRO online-service, easily accessible with only web browsers. GISGRO enables smart data processing, management and usage as well as transparent communication with all stakeholders.

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Gathering of the data

Combination of the finest technologies

We use high resolution multibeam sonar, laser scanner with RGB values, and drone photogrammetry to get a comprehensive picture of the assets.

Our surveyors are qualified land survey engineers with strong experience in structural inspections.

Processing and analysing

Quality post-processing and professional interpretations

Our exceptional post-processing ensures flawless data and we combine the datasets to one clear model.

You receive an inspection report with certified inspector’s observations to prioritize your maintenance operations.

Utilising and communicating

Use the 3D data easier than ever before

We invite you to use the 3D data in our practical online platform GISGRO.

You may analyse the data, add your remarks and optimise the maintenance operations with the digital twin of your assets.

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