“Surprise” and “shutdown” are words that can get expensive quick when it comes to industrial facilities. VRT’s wide range of nonintrusive inspection services prevent costly surprises and ensure compliance with statutory requirements. The need for process shutdowns is minimal to none.

Utilising technology that is considerably faster, safer and more accurate than conventional methods, the 3D results of the Multibeam Sonar Inspection are processed into detailed visualized images. Along with the comprehesive reports, a solid foundation for maintenance decision-making is provided.

We are also a certified supplier of Achilles Utilities NCE.


Electricity Generation

No inspection-related halt in electricity generation



No diving-related risks during inspection


3D models

Clear models showing damage and reducing the risk of non-detection



Detection of erosion nearby structures undermining the stability of the construction

Safety First

With the VRT Survey Vessel, hydropower plant inspections can be conducted without divers, eliminating the risk of dive-related accidents and shutdowns. With our powerful tools we are also equipped to inspect sewage pools and mines preventing harmful and costly emissions into the environment.

“VRT’s inspection data and 3D-models help in detailed planning and remove surprises during the building phase”

Jukka Nieminen, Chief Design Engineer, ÅF Consult

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