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Underwater sonar inspections by VRT make it safe and easy for harbours and oil terminals of any size to have a clear and complete view of the condition of their structures.

Regular sonar surveys are essential for gaining knowledge on the accumulation or erosion of the seabed sediment in order to maintain a safe clearance depth and safeguard the structure. With us, scheduled inspections can be carried out with minimal to no interruptions to the harbour traffic.

Downtime for VRT scanning is second to none.
Downtime for alternative solutions can range from hours to days.


Clear overviews and detailed images significantly reduce the risk of underwater damage going unnoticed.



Resource-efficient inspection methods allow a high return on investment ratio.



Muddy water or currents are not an issue.



Targeted repairs can be made based on accurate positioning data and the monitoring of development.

Reliable information for those who depend on it

VRT is a seasoned expert in the inspection of harbour structures and seawalls.

Our Multibeam Sonar inspections and 3D Imaging services enable us to inspect structures efficiently even in the largest of harbours. Based on the detailed visualization images and comprehesive reports we deliver, decision-making on maintenance is now better informed than ever before.

We are very satisfied with the results of VRTs harbour inspection. The documentation is a very good base for further decisions and gives a detailed view on the conditions of the wall.

—Thomas Lang, Bayernhafen GmbH, Regensburg

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More details, less cost

Our easy-to-comprehend images display underwater structures with unrivalled accuracy finding previously inaccessible defects.

The Multibeam Sonar Inspection is operated on a boat — the VRT Survey vessel. There’s less need for divers or underwater equipment. The use of 3D technologies results in the fastest, most conclusive inspections — cost-efficiently.

VRT can help you better predict and handle future costs.

While over time structural costs have a tendency to build into an exponentially rising tower.

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