Whether you are planning oil terminal expansion, need to know the draft for arriving oil tankers, wish to avoid mishaps and damages, or just want to improve your asset management, you are going to need data from under the water. That is where VRT comes in.

Safety issues and interruptions in operations are the main challenges when inspecting the structures of oil terminals. Any downtime with oil jetties can have significant effects on the terminals’ normal activities, causing major losses in both time and money. Our multibeam sonar underwater inspections are carried out in a safe and sound manner while digitising the assets at the same time.

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The key value our inspection service provides, is the utilisation of the results. Our in-house experts process, analyse and interpret the survey data, and deliver it to an easily accessible GISGRO online-service. In GISGRO, the data is ready to be used independently by the customer for accurate maintenance and asset management planning. Our service ensures you a proactive approach to oil terminals’ asset integrity management, construction and maintenance.

We are a certified supplier of Achilles Utilities NCE.

Read about Falmouth Petroleum’s case: oil jetty inspection on underwater structures

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Clear overviews and detailed images significantly reduce the risk of underwater damage going unnoticed.



Resource-efficient inspection methods allow a high return on investment ratio and ensure a full operational continuity during the inspections.



No diving-related risks during field work as the inspections are performed with a multibeam sonar and a survey vessel.



Targeted repairs can be made based on the accurate positioning data and the monitoring of development, and VRT expert interpretations help proactive asset integrity maintenance.

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