Bridges that cross waters need extra care in maintenance, because not all is visible. Monitor the changes in the underwater supporting structures, gain information about the bottom in case there are particles left there after the construction or the currents have made the sediment shift. Damage and erosion don’t have to be total surprises.

When inspecting the below-surface structural integrity of bridges, conditions can often be less than ideal. Fast currents test the abilities of divers and murky waters hamper with their vision.

View the VRT inspection of the Great Belt

With VRT’s Multibeam Sonar and detailed 3D data, underwater bridge surveys can be carried out faster, with more detail and, above all, safer than any traditional method. Our 3D images present decision makers with clear data on the condition of the structures and everything is done from the surface, so murky water and fast currents have no effect on results.

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Maintaining a satisfactory condition of bridges is a legal requirement that ensures their safety for us all. VRT underwater bridge surveys provides the most accurate way of fulfilling this requirement by pinpointing any possible needs for maintenance and repair work. The inspection of the structures and the sediment topography is considered to give a clear and complete overview of the overall condition.

With over 300 bridge inspections under their belt, our skilled inspectors are approved and qualified by the Finnish Transport Agency, FISE and Finnish Transport Agency’s guide for special structures 17 / 2013.

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By using VRT's sonar technology, we can get a good overview of the targets, and we're not restricted by poor visibility in the water

Jari Mikkonen, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finland

Read about our inspections of the City of Regensburg's Stone Bridge



Detailed images significantly reduce the risk of damage going unnoticed



Scouring near bridge support is hard to find with conventional means



No diving related risks from currents and bad visibility


Asset Management

Safeguards the integrity of structures meant to last for decades

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